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Timothy Koschinska

Director of Elevate Online

Ivy Robertson

Business Specialist-Elevate

Eric Schneider

Executive Director of Alternative and Online Learning

A collaborative K-12 online learning platform that supports all Minnesota students. All of our partner districts are involved in determining course offerings and providing future direction for the program. It is this collaborative vision for students, local districts, online teachers, and parents all working together that has helps our students succeed.

Rise Above

  • Elevate Online has experienced, Minnesota licensed teachers
  • Staff develops engaging lessons meant to stimulate curiosity and participation 
  • Online classrooms include daily, live video interactions
  • Students engage with fellow students in activities as well as complete their own work
  • Students remain students in their own district and can participate in extracurricular activities and other school events as they wish

Remain in Home District

Since Elevate Online does not require open enrollment, students can remain in their home district. To help continue growing a sense of community and school spirit, Elevate Online students can participate in extracurricular activities. 


To provide a high quality and responsive online learning experience for all Minnesota students in a service-based delivery model that strives to ensure that families have excellent, local options for online learning. 


To be the preferred K-12 online provider for Minnesota school districts. We believe that online learning is an important part of the educational services that districts offer their families. Our goal is to provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum with engaging, personalized instruction. 

Our Promise to You

Our caring educators will:

  • Connect with and know students at a personal level
  • Understand that students seeking online options have often struggled in other learning environments
  • Work closely with SPED team members to ensure all needs are being addressed
  • Use research-based instructional practices to reach each student regardless of their ability
  • Identify specific learning gaps and personalize instruction
  • Look for ways to make learning more enjoyable