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High School

Attendance and Course Completion

Offering 9th - 12th grade students full-time and per-course high school options in both core and elective courses. Students have the option of either synchronous or asynchronous learning. Along with comprehensive core content, Elevate High School offers credit recovery, accommodations for students with IEP's and 504's. Curriculum follows Minnesota State Standards. Summer school is also available for those looking to do credit recovery. 

Students are expected to attend every scheduled school day and teachers will take attendance and parents/guardians must report excused absences. Students must complete course requirements to receive grades, credit, and completion.

Live Synchronous Schedule

High School students start their day at 8:15 through 2:45 pm everyday Monday - Friday with live classes scheduled throughout the day. Students will be offered elective choices for open times. Independent study classes are also available that include teacher guidance and feedback. 

Student Expectations

Students will:

Engage in virtual courses, should participate in class discussions, and respond timely to instructions of the teacher
Submit work based on due dates
Expect some homework assignments -- tasks to complete outside of regular classroom hours