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Work Comp

Workers’ Compensation Report/Claim

If an employee is injured on the job, they must notify their immediate supervisor as soon as possible after the injury. We ask that the injured employee complete a Workers’ Compensation packet. Upon completion of the packet, the Supervisor must scan or fax the packet to Workers Compensation Modifier Controllers, Inc. (WCMC).  

The objective of the health and safety program is to reduce employee accidents, injuries, and illnesses through: 

  • Maintaining safe and healthful working conditions 
  • Ensuring employee adherence to proper operating practices and procedures designed to prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses 
  • Observing, applying, and complying with all federal, state, & local safety regulations 
  • Ensuring that each employee is properly trained and instructed in job procedures prior to job assignments 
  • Providing regular safety meetings for all employees as a means of obtaining new and updated information and training 
  • Conducting periodic safety and fire inspections to identify potential workplace hazards 
  • Conducting accident investigations to determine the cause of accidents and what actions are necessary to prevent future occurrences 
  • Implementing a management/labor safety committee 

For a complete copy of the AWAIR Program policy, please contact Chris Pint, Director of Buildings and Grounds.

Incident Reporting Packet