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Teaching & Learning


Debra Anderson

Executive Director of Teaching & Learning

Heather Gjervik

Executive Administrative Assistant

Joy Whitehead

Professional Development Specialist
ALC Graduation


Teaching & Learning supports academics through student programs, professional development, and curriculum leadership. We provide a wide-range of programs and services designed to respond to the diverse needs of students, staff, and our member districts.

Our educational programs are designed around the knowledge, competencies, and skills students will need as they prepare for life, work, and service beyond the classroom.

Cost-effective programs and services are customized to meet needs that would not otherwise be possible without our collaboration. As member districts identify new needs, they are encouraged to contact SWMetro to partner in emerging educational specialties.

ALC Graduation


We use a process of curriculum review and continuous improvement based on best practices. The process is adapted to allow for the flexibility needed to serve students in district programs, and to ensure support for teaching and learning.

We are committed to using evidence-based curriculum materials and instructional strategies. Curriculum in the special education programs at SWMetro is designed so that individualized instruction is linked to Minnesota State Academic Standards.

Mac Keyboard


SWMetro uses a variety of digital tools to support student learning. Technology vendors and software are utilized to support work as we help all students develop the skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Click here for an inventory of our tools.

Family literacy students


Our K-12 multilingual instructional model emphasizes the uniqueness of each learner and supports language communication through content; Multilingual teachers use a variety of innovative teaching models and instructional resources to support individualized student goals in continuing to build a foundation of content knowledge, academic skills, and language proficiency. This foundation helps multilingual learners (MLs) access academic language and content in their courses. Multilingual teachers, Special Education teachers, and content area teachers collaborate and coordinate curriculum to reinforce content and language taught to our multilingual students.

MN Department of Education English Learner Support